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In the meantime...

While I have some ideas brewing and getting things into place for my next post. I wanted to say thank you to every person who clicked on the link, subscribed, commented on IG and all the text messages sent. These last couple of months have been extremely encouraging.

Some of you (most of you), didn't know I was a writer. That's my fault; I was afraid of calling myself a writer without published work (refer to my first post "So...what have you published"). Until I have work published in a magazine or as a book, and I will, I wanted you to witness my growth as a writer.

To be honest, I"ll be consistent as much as possible, but coming up with content isn't always easy. Life also gets in the way but I promise to kick some shit aside to give you something great to read. Look for me, but don't wait for me.

Until me your book suggestions, share my posts, subscribe and refer my writing services--it's free!

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