If you haven't noticed, my name is Tiffany. I'm a Librarian, Writer, and semi-Artist. I love expressing myself creatively, especially when it comes to writing.

In hosting writing socials for Charlotte Writers' Club, I've found a passionate interest in creating writing prompts.

My "Why" is to inspire and encourage anyone who participates in a writing social, a workshop, or completes my writing prompts. I want them to know they will ALWAYS be acknowledged as a successful writer, regardless of accolades.

Here are somethings I've done and do (this list is growing, promise):

8 Facts About Me

unnamed (2).jpg

Quick 8 Facts

1. NC A&T Alum Aggie Pride!

2. Sushi lover

3. Zora N. Hurston and James Baldwin are my favorite authors

4. I hate running (emergency use ONLY)

5. Youngest grandchild on both sides of my family

6. Plant Mommy

7. I love watching sitcom reruns. "Ryan started the fire!" Real ones know

8. I own a LOT of blankets