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CreaTiff Writing


Creatiff Writing

/ kriˈeɪ / tɪf /

/ ˈraɪ tɪŋ /

1. the power and quality of my creative imagination resulting in the originality of thought and expression 2. the ability to have several pseudonyms for each outlet 3. creating dope stuff and hoping you like it, but don't care if you don't  4. just a kid from Goldsboro with a pencil, a paintbrush and some ideas, Tiffany G.

My earliest memories are always attached to music or sitting at the feet of elders telling stories of the past. As an adolescent, having a space to express me without guilt or judgment from others became essential and journals were vital. My love for reading and books came later; falling for my first book as a freshman in college. Since then, the love has remained true; overflowing into an in-home library. 

In hosting writing socials for Charlotte Writers' Club, I've found a passion in creating writing prompts. Combining music, photos, and sounds to jump-start the creative writing process. My "Why" is to inspire and encourage anyone who participates in a writing social, a workshop, or completes my writing prompts. I want them to know they will ALWAYS be acknowledged as a successful writer, regardless of accolades. 

Here, you'll get a bit of everything. My attempts at creating art, my love of reading, my creative writing prompts, and the stories of where my curiosity leads me. Enjoy!




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